Music Never Lies....Only People do. Design: JKD One of my favorite compositions back in 1987 for Polygram records artiste Miss Rowena Cortez, which was truly a genuine starlet who had a great following while it lasted till 1997 or before that for it was preparation time to rid off all those of ethnic minority to make room for their own particular race which only proves that racism does and will not cease to exists under this so called modified system of theirs which also led to the Fall of  the Music Empire of Hong Kong that we all ethnic minorities happened    to help established the Industry that was once pure and genuine . Whom ever said “Equality for All” should take another serious look     at him/herself in the mirror. Music has no colors otherwise it would’ve been monotone, no race, because MUSIC IS FOR ALL. ©Copyright 2010.ChynaProductions Co, Ltd. All rights reserved / Power to the Peoples Republic of China Here you will be able to    hear some of the works recorded and mixed by yours truly over here Chyna Music Studio  featuring some of the newest groups of today     and the legends of   yesterday celebrated here so enjoy them as    much as i’ve had the honor  of recording them here at Chyna Music Studio. Mind you this was no simple tasks at all when you're dealing with one of the World's Greatest Composers Masterpieces, let alone acquire permission directly from Maestro Andrew Lyod Webber and to attain his approval on my works, is any composers dream come True. Unfortunate for the Hong Kong Music Public that they we're not able to hear what a True and Genuine Vocalists such   as Rity Chan would have contributed so much to the Music Industry Phantom of the Opera which was first recorded at Mark 1 studio back in 1989 but was never released due to her untimely death one week prior to release date  Arranged & Produced by yours truly as well as performed all instruments except the lead guitars which was done by the legendary Albert Young ( Jade )          RITY CHAN ( R.I.P )