Chyna II  是有史以來第一隊在台灣打破所有紀錄的 香港樂隊他們1992年的作品”答案”曾四次 成為暢銷白金唱片樂隊在1993年在台灣 的全國巡迴 表演更是場場爆滿。 只因為我們坦言率直在你面對的音樂市場 而言某些人希望可操控某些事物或人物但 却自我失控到底為什麼你要操控那些可以 自我控制的事物或人物呢?這般的操控將 演變成音樂市場的歿落也演變成 灰色都市.   Music Never Lies....Only People do.
©Copyright 2010.ChynaProductions Co, Ltd. All rights reserved / Power to the Peoples Republic of China Chyna II was the first ever foreign band from Hong Kong to break all Records in Taipei recording history with their 1992 Hit "The Answer" which went platinum least to mention a total sell out Tour of 15 Concerts throughout the whole of Taiwan. full throttle with Sarah Tsui The Paradise Disco - ( Top ) one of if not the largest Live Disco at the time which housed a capacity of 5,000 people and Chyna in 1987 performed there for five consecutive nights to a total of 25,000 Fans! an all time record and an all out traffic jam for at least two kilometers before fans could get into the arena. Withing You'll Remain sung in Their language was another Hit for Thailand which lasted a Whole Decade ,"Kapp Kun Mai Kapp" everybody. Anything you can think of to show appreciation to your fans is a good idea. You definitely want to keep fans happy and helping you to build a community of people who listen to your band. Band members should respect each other's varying abilities and be willing to offer constructive criticism when needed. If that system doesn't work for a particular band member, they should feel free to leave. Rock bands are not always democratic- certain personalities will be more dominant than others. look in the Mirror ! 身為樂隊一份子應該對其他每個成員不 同的能力互相尊重,及在有需要的時候 作出有建設性的善意批評。 如果個別成員不能以這個方式合作, 他可以選擇離去。搖滾樂隊有時並不一 定民主有些人的個性是比較支配性的. PETER NG:                 Undisputed Champion of Asian Lead Guitarist for more than two decades.   and I Truly believe he still is.