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一陣鋼琴引入的古箏嘩那種中西合璧的瑰 麗的情操,叫我先呆了一呆繼而重復又重 復, 不忍那些美麗的而帶着痴情的音符離 去這是大碟裏自成一格的歌曲,抒 請典雅的味道與 其他講求勁力為主 的作品不同,Within You'll Remain 軟得像棉花,甜得如蜜 Chyna 果然 別出心裁 Rock & Rolling 是典型 Hard Rock or PoP Rock 的而 Under 32 就近 於後期的 Rush 重音量是其次很 Serious的 一Questions  & Answers 亦是節奏很慢的一首,但就不是 Within You'll Remain 般注入東方色彩, 而是 Slow Rock 鋼琴著 Vocals 又夾著主音結他在 樂器 分配方面 Don 和他的Chyna 即將在 伊館作音樂會形式作第一次演出我也想看 看他 們 怎樣爆出五光十色的音樂火花  :
Chyna were the first to tour China 1985
You all probably think it was that so easy  to break into the International    Music  Charts without first realising what you're odds were when the competition today is nowhere near what we were up against, Try this for size:. Whitesnake - Deep Purple - YES - Nova    - Gong - Genesis -Van Halen - Metallica - U2 - Mr: BiG - Jon Bon Jovi -Devo - Led Zeppelin -    Jeff Beck - Frank Zappa - Rolling Stones - Mister Mister - Rush - Queen  - McCartney -Madonna - Police Cyndi Lauper - ToTo - Primus -Stray Cats - Journey- Duran Dutan- Michael Jackson 
自 Ramband 後香港的搖擺樂壇便沉 寂了下令樂 迷 都 幾乎忘記了在本地還 們一個天大喜訊為了想了解一下 Chyna 我們地找這四位仁在一個輕鬆  的氣氛下做了 一次專訪不過 的確有很多人對 Chyna 並不看 好其他唱片公司都一樣所謂同 行如敵國甚至起初很多電台的DJ  拒絕播我們的歌組織一隊真正代表我們亞洲的搖滾樂 隊 Chyna 會是一個適當的名字 Chyna 正式組成才二個月己經引起多人注意了前幾期的 Billboard 雜誌也有報導有 關 Chyna 的消息呢 Chyna的首張大碟 There's Rock 'n' Roll In China 玩的果然是純搖滾的樂曲全張唱片最   突 出的一首是 Within You'll Remain 我們組 織 Chyna希望能有一隊 Band 能代表香 港完全是為了 Local market 我們希望為香港樂壇做多點事況且夾 band 不是一件易事大家除了 技術還要有 Communicate . 我們各自也經歷了很多辛酸但得到很.多經驗到現在大 家走在一起可以玩自己 喜歡的音樂而且更得到樂迷們的支持我 們當然十分開心。 如果能 表香港到 overseas有人support 那就更加開心
My First Debut Album as Chyna  was proven an International Success with “ Within You’ll Remain” covered in Eight Languages & Fifteen different arrangements to this day,  Plus "Virgin" records also shown interest in distributing our album in Europe and a Tour to follow was never to be.all thanks to "Judas" alias, Brown working in the record company at the time hid the documents and faxes from Virgin records which was meant for us. Maybe it was the politics of     the record industry who were at fault more than we should blame it all   on Judas Brown for ruining a    Great Opportunity for Chyna, and the     Record company was  afraid to lose their Golden Goose  so to speak . it certainly wasn't Chyna playing with Egos nor hard  to get. for the Truth    shall always   be revealed no matter how long    but it will. In fact it was 2 years   later that another colleague and dear friend before leaving this record company in some ways    had gotten a copy of the document to me and is still with me  in my library collection till present day. CHYNA were indeed the first pop  rock band to ever tour in mainland China in 1985 and to break into the U.K.Billboard in 1987