So You Think You Can Drum?

The Don currently leads his successful Music Studio ,and fully dedicates his time to

teaching the Art of Drumming along with clinics and seminars and being involved in other

Music productions around Asia .Ashley was awarded The Hong Kong Gold Music Awards for

Best Arrangement of the Decade:

個人對 成功"都有不同定 義有 人認 為可以上電視 為名 氣的藝人作有些視金錢為最重要 或音樂 帶給你的 滿足感 都可成為推動成功的 因數但最重要的是快樂在我認識眾多之鼓手,他們經常投 訴着自己為何多年努力的勤加練習還難有進步這是眾多鼓手經常對我發問最普遍的題綱。這答 案 應着意在他們所練習的取材及種類要有所進步是應該不段的給予自己推動力鼓法若要進步努 力練 習是必然而首要的若然某些曲譜是你耳熟能詳在練習時已是易如反掌的話,這習可算是白 費心  機浪費時間的了 Chyna were the first Pop Rock Group to Perform in China. CHYNA indeed were the first pop rock band to ever tour in mainland China in 1985 and to  break into the U.K.Billboard in 1987 Top 10 Charts from Hong Kong along with other Great  Artiste such as  Madonna, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Elton John, Aerosmith, etc.etc. The Power of Drumming Drums are most vital in a band and a Great drummer can make up somewhat for ther  musicians who may not be at the same level of expertise.The reason is because your  listeners will notice more of what is in your band's music than what is not in it. can you dig  it? For all fellow drummers & Musos here now,  I Really hope you find something of interest  on  the site since sharing my ideas and experiences is what it's about to me.  Hope you Enjoy your Visit!
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唐龍,  ( Don Ashley ) 工作範疇 樂手唱片監製 作曲, 編曲錄音等曾組樂隊 Chyna的名字亦深深印在樂 的名字亦 深深印在樂壇每一個人心中鼓王的地位至現時仍 然沒人可以取代 無論如何 他都是一個天 才橫溢的作曲家.他五歲 的時候他收到一 隻CONGA作為生日禮物從始就對敲擊產生濃厚興趣,因在 家長反對下只有靠著自己的努力和天份, 無師自通,終在八零年代被封為 亞 洲 鼓 王:  Not many has been in the top echelon of Drummers for more than Three decades from Ramband to Chyna  and the Tours / The Compositions /Arrangements / Productions / Countless Sessions & Movie soundtracks  on his agenda.  Don  Ashley has enjoyed success within a number of different musical fields which includes  not one but all genres of Music from Pop / Rock/ Progressive Rock / Latin / Jazz / Fusion and much more...
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